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Why Use Single-Ply Roofing Systems?
  • Economical - a single-ply roof system on average costs approximately 12% less than a modified bitumen system and 17% less than an asphalt built-up roof system.
  • Longevity - a single-ply roof system on average lasts up to 4% longer than a modified bitumen system and 25% longer than an asphalt built-up roof system.
  • Productivity - a single-ply roof system can be installed quicker and more efficiently than modified or built-up roof systems due to less equipment needed for installation. By using single-ply material, there are fewer steps in the installation process, therefore cutting labor costs and increasing production rates.
  • Flexibility - a single-ply roof system gives you a great advantage over a built-up roof system. With time, wear and tear occurs to your roof system. A single-ply roof system can move with the weather and temperature because of the flexibility of rubber. A non-reinforced piece of rubber can elongate up to 300% its normal size before splitting occurs.
  • A built-up roof system, which has little to no flexibility, in time will crack and cause leaks much earlier than a single-ply roof system.

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