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We all know that times are tough and Rosedale Roofing knows that your roof may be the last thing on your mind. Although budgets are tight there are ways to keep your roof maintained and stay within your budget.

Roof manufactures highly recommend an annual inspection of your roof. Annual maintenance can greatly extend the life of your roof and reduce the overall cost over many years. Maintaining your roof also helps protect the valuables of your tenants.

One important factor in helping maintain your roof is to monitor its traffic. From our experience 70% of all roof leaks come from traffic on the roof. Problems such as mechanical equipment being dropped could help be prevented with the use of walk pads. Installing walk pads around mechanical equipment can greatly reduce the risk of any punctures or tears in your roof.

Rosedale Roofing Company has a full time Preventive Maintenance department devoted to helping maintain our customers roofs. If you wish to schedule an inspection please contact our office.